We hope that you will enjoy your puppy for years to come.  We have taken steps to ensure that your new puppy is healthy.  Your puppy the
health contract/guarantee. We understand it is long, but please read over in its entirety to ensure you, the buyer, understand everything in
it and ask any questions that you may have.  Signing this document makes this a legal binding contract.

Congenital Defect Guarantee
If there is a congenital defect (not including hips which are genetic) within one year from birth, and it can be surgically corrected for less than the cost
of a replacement (price of the puppy not including any shipping costs).  Congenital defect is suspected the buyer must provide the breeder the
opportunity to have the puppy examined and treated by a vet of the breeders choosing.  When this requirement has been met the breeder will pay the
cost of the surgery (not the test or doctors visit leading up to the surgery) up to the price you paid for your puppy.  If the buyer does not provide the
breeder this opportunity the breeder will not be responsible for any vet cost.

If it cannot be surgically corrected:
The dog must be humanely put to sleep, and we must receive a letter, stating such from your vet.  (Understand, the pup would not live anyway in a
serious illness)
You must send us the dog’s AKC papers.
The dog must have never been used for breeding, and still be with its
Original owner(s), must never have been abused, neglected, or mistreated.

After these qualifications have been met, you may choose replacement pup (of equal quality).  Buyer pays shipping, from any of our litters subject to
availability.  No cash refunds are given.   Our guarantee does not include poisoning, accidents, or behavioral problems, as training philosophies and
environments vary amongst individuals.

Hip Dysphasia Guarantee
In the unlikely event that your dog is suspected of being dysphasic in its first two years, this is the procedure to follow:

•        Notify us by telephone or letter.
•        Submit the x-ray to the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65210
•        If the OFA find the dog to be “Severely Dysphasic”, then to qualify for a replacement:
•        The dysphasic dog must be put to sleep by your vet, and a letter from him/her must be sent to us stating that this has been done.  The letter
must also state that the animal has not been overfed for its height/structure, and has received regular check-ups.
•        The papers for the dog must be sent to us and transferred to our name.
•        The dog must have been x-rayed for this condition before its second birthday, but not before 1½ years old. (Sometimes an early x-ray will not
portray true results during growth spurts.
•        The dog must never have been used for breeding, not be overweight, and must still be with its original owner(s).
•        No replacement will be given if the dog has been over exercised during their growth period (until 1½ years old), which is running or “jumping” the
dog excessively in play or training.

After these qualifications have been met, you may choose a replacement pup (of equal quality) from any of our litters, subject to availability.  You will
have to pay the deference in price if you desire a more expensive puppy (as our prices reflect the puppy’s individual quality versus pet quality.)  We
want to make sure that each puppy is in the best possible home for them; and each new owner has the perfect puppy to fit their needs as well.  No
cash refunds are given.  No further or previous guarantees are implied either verbally, written, or otherwise stated.

We will not be responsible for any vet bills incurred by this puppy, other than that which is stated above.

Care for Your Puppy
Treat your new puppy with care.  Stress can cause a puppy to stop eating.  Causes of stress can include a change in home, water, or food, and over
handling.  It is best not to switch foods.  If you must switch, do it gradually and make sure the dog food is of high quality.  We can make
recommendations if you would like.

It is your responsibility to watch your puppy carefully to be sure it is eating and getting vitamins daily.  We request that all puppies be kept on vitamins
and minerals.  (Because of the variety and quality of dog foods available and all canine illness are NOT covered by vaccination).

If a puppy stops eating it can cause hypoglycemia (form of low-blood sugar).  Hypoglycemia is not caused by a prior health care or congenital defect.  
If left untreated, death can occur quickly.  Signs of hypoglycemia include: (1) puppy does not eat, (2) puppy is not having bowl movements, (3) puppy
walks around disoriented. In this event rush the puppy to the vet!

Puppies that develop coccidian sometimes have blood in their stools and diarrhea.  If your puppy develops diarrhea, it can be a change of diet, stress
or coccidian.  If you suspect it to be coccidian, rush it to the vet to get Albon Liquid.  If left untreated death can occur quickly.  Coccidian occurs if the
puppy is kept in filthy area or from the stresses of shipping/ changing homes.  It is your duty to keep the puppy in a clean and sanitized environment
once the puppy leaves my care.

We will not be responsible for vet bills or death due to hypoglycemia or coccidian.  We take no responsibility for any other vet bills incurred after the
purchase of your puppy, except as otherwise stated above.  In the event of questionable cause of death, an autopsy may be performed at your
discretion and expense.  If death stems from birth or from prior health care (under breeder care), you will be given another puppy as soon as one is

We have many excellent veterinarians in our surrounding areas, so use your personal preference, but please go for the safety of your puppy.  

Health Guarantee and Terms of Agreement
I, Brad Russell, the breeder of this puppy am not responsible for any charges, damages, or vet bills incurred after the puppy leaves my property other
than what is stated in the contract.  I will not be responsible for vet bills or death due to hypoglycemia or coccidian. I take no responsibility for any other
vet bills incurred after the purchase of your puppy, except as stated above.

New Owner(s)

I the new owner of this puppy have read and understand this guarantee and information regarding my new puppy and agree to this document in full.



The breeder

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