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Adoption Pricing
All of our puppies vary in price, depending on color, gender, markings, and type of registration desired. All of our dogs are
AKC registered, come from great lines and healthy parents, and are adopted with health guarantees.

Reserving Your Puppy
We can not ship puppies till they are at least eight weeks of age.  If you are going to pick the puppy us from us directly we will
usually let the puppy go at six weeks of age.  If the puppy is not old enough at the time you pick it out.  We ask for a $300
dollar deposit to hold the puppy till it is old enough to go to its new home.  The $300 is non refundable, but will reserve the puppy till it is old
enough to leave our care.

You may feel free to pick your new puppy up directly from me.  I am located in Ogden, UT.  To make it easier on the puppy, you may receive your
new puppy within just a few hours.  We ship puppies from the Salt Lake International Airport to a  Airport near you.  We ship puppies when they are
above eight weeks of age.  We try and use United Airlines, because of their pet safe program.  The puppies are always in a climate controlled area;
from when they leave us to when you receive them.  How the puppy is in the care of the airlines they receive excellent care. The cost for shipping
is an additional $350, we cover any cost over that.

Paying for Your Puppy
We accept PayPal at no additional cost to you.  We also are glad to take money orders please contact for the address to send
them too.  We also have it setup where you can wire the money from your bank account to our bank account.

Your Puppy will have received and arrive to you with:
1- A health check up from a vet just before coming to you.  The health certificate will arrive with the puppy.
2- A one year health guarantee that I provide.
3- AKC certified paper work.
4- Vaccination Records.
5- Small bag of puppy food.
6- Guaranteed healthy puppy ready for its new home.
7- We also have a 48 hour Satisfaction Guarantee if the puppy does not look like, what it looked like on the website you can
return the puppy to us.  We only want people to receive the puppy that they think they are receiving.  
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Creek Weimaraners